Are you Divorced and struggling to put your life back together?

Common questions and concerns during and after divorce…

  • Are you or have you had to deal with an emotionally neglectful relationship or a high conflict divorce?
  • Are you feeling stressed, resentful and lonely?
  • Are you worried about the financial aspect of life after your divorce?

Divorce can be an emotional roller coaster ride. You may not be aware of what your options are on “how to” handle your finances or to create an independent confident you! The “How to Emotionally and Financially Survive a Divorce “complete package” program provides the necessary tools to help you take charge and restore your life during and after divorce.

Why this course is so unique

Having a mentor is the fastest way to get extraordinary results in all areas of your life in a minimum amount of time.

  • You get 4 “LIVE” one hour Group Coaching sessions in the comfort/privacy of your home. Imagine… getting all your “HOW TO” questions answered immediately during each session with a Relationship/Communication Coach and Divorce Mentor
  • Receive a 6 page complimentary “Self Discovery Report” (positive approach)
  • Learn a step-by-step, proven system, including instruction, interactive exercises, tools to help you deal with stress, conflict and communication that you can implement into your life immediately.
  • Unlimited email support during the four weeks
  • Group support with other women who have the same concerns


Stress management – Learn how…

  • Ten minutes a day can lead to a happy, stress-free you
  • To release resentment and take the high road
  • To manage and increase your energy
  • To enjoy a feeling of success, peace and serenity both personally and professionally


Learn Communication Skills is a positive, practical approach.

  • Rediscover your assets and strengths that may have gone untapped
  • Understand how your spouse/partner as well as yourself are wired- why people do what they do?
  • Understand how you complete each other and how you compete with each other
  • Polish your communication style to not only be aware of the words you say and how you say them, but how others interpret your words to minimize misunderstandings, tension, disappointment, hurt feelings and unmet expectations.


Planning for the future a 3 tier process.

Step 1: Purpose- knowing your life’s purpose will help:

  • To re-examine what makes your heart sing; what gets you out of bed in the morning; what’s your true passion in life
  • To provide clarity on how to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • To know how you will make a difference in the world; your legacy

Step 2: Vision/dream

  • Build on your purpose to create and define your vision, aspirations and dreams
  • Learn techniques to create a clear vision of how you want to live your life now and in the future both personally and professionally
  • How to keep believing and trusting that your vision will become a reality

Step 3: Defining Goals

  • Learn the “goal formula” to set and establish measurable life goals to achieve your dream(s)
  • Understand what perceived obstacles, fears and limiting beliefs may be holding you back
  • Put your goals into action


Putting it all together.

  • Checking in- how the tools/techniques are being implemented into your life
  • Communication skills questions and challenges
  • Providing more clarity for your purpose, visions and goals


Just for signing up, you will receive an additional one-hour informative call with a recognized Financial Advisor to review your current investment and financial strategy.

Plus as an additional bonus become eligible to receive a comprehensive financial plan and investment blueprint (value- $3200).

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